Honeycomb Blinds

The unique Cellular Honeycomb structure of Honeycomb blinds allows for terrific insulation of windows. By trapping air between the honeycombs, these blinds act as a second layer of double glazing, by trapping warm air in a room, and keeping cold air and drafts out. Honeycomb Blinds have a unique energy saving feature which guarantees to lower your energy bills throughout the year. Combining energy saving properties with elegance and style makes the Honeycomb blind the perfect choice for any room in the home. The unique hexagonal double cell fabric is soft yet durable and its contruction traps air which creates a barrier against drafty single glazed windows.
Salient feature - block heat & glare, enhance privacy, improve appearance, adds style & design, save energy, modern look , dim out, black out, day & night
Ideals instillation for leaving room, bedroom, master bedroom, cross ventilationís or any room windows, standard size ?
max. width 200 & drop 240 cms / min. width 45 & drop 45 cms
honeycomb blinds
honeycomb blinds
honeycomb blinds


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